We have extensive experience in all areas of commercial litigation, as well as a real understanding of how the business world works. This understanding coupled with an in depth knowledge of how the law applies to businesses means that we can provide our clients with solutions tailored for their needs. 


We provide advice on finance restructuring as well as acting on behalf of several mezzanine lenders and pension funds. We ensure that all borrowed funds are secured, oversee the transfer of funds and carry out all the required administration with high levels of attention to detail. 



We have experience in setting up and structuring all forms of companies. Having the correct corporate structure is absolutely vital for any company. 


We know that time is money. We provide an efficient and stream lined process that enables the client to receive consistent updates on their debt recovery process. We are experienced in obtaining charges over property and shares and moving on those charges to recover the debt for the client in as fast a manner as possible. We also understand that each debt situation may require its own personalised approach. 



We have multi-jurisdiction experience in dealing with insolvency matters which we believe is a prerequisite for advices within the area of insolvency. We are also in a position to advise clients on tax matters and litigation arising therefrom.  



Ireland is not only a favourable jurisdiction in which to conduct business, there are also significant potential advantages for high net worth individuals. We have assisted foreign nationals entering Ireland and then positioning them with other domiciles such as Monaco where we can bring a zero income tax position for particular individuals. 


We have extensive experience in all areas of plaintiff medical negligence matters ranging from surgical error, hospital liability, misdiagnosis, actions against clinics and GP's, late diagnosis and dental negligence. We would advise anyone with a medical negligence query to make contact with our office as soon as possible for two reasons; a) in most circumstances it requires an experienced medical negligence practitioner to make a judgment on whether or not there is any negligence, and b) there is strict time limit within which to bring the action.   



We act for several clients in respect of abuse suffered by them whilst attending boarding schools, religious institutions and more recently, Scouting Ireland. 

Injury or loss can result from a defective consumer product or from a defective medical / pharmaceutical device - we are experienced in bringing both types of claims on behalf of injured parties. We have considerable experience with defective implants ranging from defective hip implants to TVT mesh products.  





We are in a position to act for any plaintiff in respect of a personal injury claim. We help people who have suffered genuine injuries caused by another negligence get the compensation they deserve. Strict time limits apply and we advise anyone with a personal injury query to make contact without delay.   
Employment law in Ireland is complex and requires fast and accurate advice from experienced practitioners. We are available to give advice to both employees and employers in all matter arising from employment disputes, contracts, redundancies and dismissals. 


We provide clients with a fast and  efficient conveyancing service in both residential and commercial spaces. 


Robert Emmet Bourke
Robert completed his undergraduate degree in Law before going on to complete postgraduate studies in both Commercial Law and Applied Finance Law. Robert then studied at the Honourable Society of Kings Inns before being called to the Bar of Ireland.
Prior to opening the firm, Robert was a barrister for over seven years at the Law Library, Dublin. Robert was also called to the Bar of Northern Ireland, and the Bar of England and Wales through the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple.

Roberts experience:


Representing pension advisors in relation to cross-border transfers, recently finished an industry changing case permitting private pension transfers throughout Europe - O'Sullivan -v- Canada Life Assurance (Ireland) Limited [2014] IEHC 217;


Representing the Defendant in a cross border enforcement matter, the High Court ruled in favour of the Defendant on the basis that the foreign judgment was manifestly contrary to Public Policy in Ireland in the case of Sports Index Limited v O'Shea High Court (unreported, Mac Eochaidh J., 15 June 2015);


Corporate and personal insolvency, petitioning the High Court to liquidate companies and appointing receivers over existing assets;


Acting on behalf of liquidators/ODCE seeking various reliefs against directors of corporate entities, including orders for reckless trading;


Representing and advising the main Irish Retail Banks on regulatory and legislative matters. Enforcing judgments outside of the jurisdiction relating to multi-million euro disputes and opinions pertaining to internal procedures of the banks;


Representing insurance companies in contentious matters that proceed to full trial, dealing with a variety of claims including Personal Injuries, material damage, road traffic accidents and property related matters, cases involve dealing with a variety of professionals to testify on behalf of insurance companies;


Representing investment vehicles in pursuing contributions from investors, involving complex investment prospectuses; 


Personal Injures and Insurance litigation;


Appointed to the Panel of Counsel for the Office of Director of Corporate Enforcement;


Appointed to the Panel of Counsel for the Revenue Commissioners;


Appointed to the Panel of Counsel for the Office of the Attorney General.. 


- Degree in Irish Law LLB (2005)  

- Post Dip in Commercial law (2006) 

- Post Dip in Applied Finance Law (2007) 

- Barrister at Law - Kings Inns, Dublin (2008) 

- Called to the bar, Middle Temple, London (2013) 

- Called to the bar, Bar of Northern Ireland (2012)

- Enrolled as a Solicitor, Law Society of Ireland (2016) 

- Notary Public (appointed in 2018)